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  Aoyou always propose that workers should work in a comfortable environment for increasing productivity. As the right chart shows, workers will work in the heat stress environment when the temperature of workspace reach to 31 .   According to the temperature data of three big cities in china offered by China weather bureau in 2008, the temperature of most cities in china will be higher than 31 for more than half the time during the year, which undoubtedly will cause malaise to workers.  
Heat Stress and Comfort
City Temperature Analysis
Highest Temperature   Relative Humidity
The highest outside air temperature (C) likely to reach during the specific month. The relative humidity (%) of the outside air corresponding to the Highest Temperature.
Supply Air Temperature Dew Point
The temperature (C) of the supply air at the air diffuser when Open Space Cooling system is used.  
The temperature (C) at which the air is saturated with water vapour.
2008 Three cities weather data
Highest Temperature   RH @ Highest Temperature   Supply Air Temperature   Dew Point
The above data shows that the temperature in three big cities is in heat stress zone or even in severe heat stress zone for months. The thermal radiations will maker the temperature in the factory even higher. Anyway, with open space cooling, the inside temperature of factory will stay in the heat comfort zone.  
Will the temperature of supply air create undesirable effects on product/equipments?
No, because the supply air temperature will not reach the dew point temperature which is the temperature where water droplets begin to form.
Cooling Space
Data of cooling effect
Annual cooling effect
Quarter cooling effect
Cooling Effect
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